Hello, My name is Jules Nino. I've been a graphic artist/designer since 2003. Having to work at multiple well established company allowed me to gain extensive years of experience. I'm multi-talented and specializes in print, web and video production. Being in this field have excelled my artistic abilites in many different of ways. It can be challenging but fun and I always look forward to the excitement of each projects.

Skills  ⦿  Abilities

⦿   Logo Design

⦿  Print Design

⦿  Digital & Web Design

⦿  Videos

Adobe After Effects & Premier Pro (Color Grading and Correction & 3D Tracking)
- Goldilocks and the Three Cars

Sony Movie Studio - Online Testimonial Contest

Sony Movie Studio - Simplfied Process

Sony Movie Studio - How Autoland Works

⦿  Animation

Simple Flash Animation with Guides - Abduction

Adobe Animate Animation with Guides - Jetfighters

Adobe Animate Animation with Audio - Alienship

Basic Flash Animation - Shapes

⦿  Doodles

⦿  Contact

To get in touch, you can email me at info@julesnino.net or simply fill out the form below.

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