Thank you for visiting. This website is intended to showcase some of my work from print to digital design, video pre- and post-production. I've been a graphic artist/designer for many years. Having to work at multiple established companies allowed me to gain extensive years of experience. Being in this field have excelled my artistic abilites in many different ways. It can be challenging but fun and I always look forward to the excitement of each projects.

Skills  ⦿  Abilities

⦿   Logo Design

⦿  Print Design

⦿  Digital & Web Design

⦿  Videos

Adobe After Effects & Premier Pro (Color Grading and Correction & 3D Tracking)
- Goldilocks and the Three Cars

Sony Movie Studio - Online Testimonial Contest

Sony Movie Studio - Simplfied Process

⦿  Animation

Adobe Animate Animation - Happy Holidays

Adobe Animate Animation with Guides - Jetfighters

Adobe Animate Animation with Audio - Alienship

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To get in touch, you can email me at

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